Norwegian Epic review

After taking two cruises on the EPIC in 2013, here is my honest review of the beauty.  I encourage everyone to cruise on the EPIC!

The EPIC was great. It was the second time on the EPIC this year and I would have to say it was better the second time around! I will try and go through it in order for you.


Embark – Pretty easy. Make sure you go to the correct terminal, because the SMS staff will make you go anyway. This was annoying, however it didn’t matter. The line at security went quick, however, I noticed that security is getting more tight, which again, is annoying. The last thing I want to see is TSA at cruise terminals. The chick in was easy and smooth. Took about 5 minutes, no wait.


Day 1 – I went directly to Osheehans and had food in front of me within 10 minutes. A nice tasty burger. I watched people shuffle around and try and find their way around the beautiful, christmas decorated, EPIC.


Day 2 – At Sea. This is a day to get to know the ship. I got up around 9 and had breakfast at Taste. I thought it was great! The service was good, but Taste was busy, so, it took a bit longer than I would have liked. They did keep me in coffee and water while I waited. Taste closes for breakfast at 10:30A so, if you want to enjoy a meal, get there by 9:45 at the latest.


After breakfast, 11A I went and played in the poker tourny. $100 buy in and you start with 2000 chips. Its a luck tourny, but still fun. The rest of the day was spent freely.


Lets skip ahead to St. Maarten – What a great port. We went ashore and did two activities on our own. We started with a jet ski for an hour which was $100 for two people. It was fun and the jet ski was in good condition. We fell off once, which was fun, but it was hard to get back up on the ski in the choppy waves. After that we went parasailing with NO1SXM. What a great ride! 800 feet up and the view was amazing. After that, we walked around front street and enjoyed some shopping.


St. Thomas – Amazing as usual. We went over to St. John and visited Cinnamon bay and then to Trunk bay. Absolutely beautiful and worth the trouble. Make sure to watch your time! The EPIC is all aboard at 3p and we got there in the nick of time.


At Sea – This night we went to Teppenyaki which was amazing! We enjoyed some of the public areas and the much needed relaxation.


Nassau – Before we got off the ship, we went down the slides, they are great! I suggest doing the slides if you normally don’t do that sort of thing. In port, we went to Fat Tuesdays after a walk to the beach, then we took a ferry over to Atlantis. The rum drinks at the ferry terminal on the paradise end is amazing. You get a ton of rum, but it is made well.


Disembark – We waited to be some of the last people off the ship. The line was long at customs, however, it went quickly. No pain. We parked at the terminal, so we were out quickly. Parking at the terminal is $140 for the week.


A note about the food. I thought all the food was amazing. My favorites were La Cucina and Tepenyaki had amazing food. La Cucina has an amazing atmosphere!



The Breakaway is here!!!



After much fanfare, the Norwegian Breakaway has arrived and the reviews are in.  This ship is the talk of the industry!  The design, the entertainment and the features are second to none.  The Breakaway is now the trendsetter when it comes to mainstream cruising.  Ocean Blue with Geoffrey Zackarian (Iron Chef) is an absolute hit, so popular the price is soon to be raised to $49 per person, which is still far undervalued for food and experience of this quality.  678 Ocean Place, which are decks; 6, 7 and 8 are where most of the action will take place on board. Night clubs, restaurants and of course the casino.  Our guests will not have to walk far to find their next adventure.

The Atrium

The Atrium

The Breakaway experience has been likened to that of many luxury cruises.  Guests just off the inaugural were comparing the ship and overall cruise to the likes of luxury liners of Oceania. The decor, staff and staterooms are all part of the Norwegian freestyle experience.  You can’t find this kind of cruise on any other line.  The Haven, the fastest water slide at sea, the Cake Boss and three broadway shows. Where else are you going to find this much entertainment and activity combined with a feel of luxury and intimacy?  An all inclusive?  I think not.

Norwegian is known for being the trendsetter of the industry, setting many cruising firsts over the course of its existence, and the Breakaway is just the latest and greatest of Norwegian’s accomplishments.  Check out the Breakaway website,  then make sure you call your Personal Cruise Consultant for all the latest details.  The Breakaway is sailing to Bermuda and the Bahamas exclusively from New York City year around.


I want to be a part of it….(New York, New York!)

With the Norwegian Breakaway about to begin sailing out of New York in May, what better topic to discuss than the greatest city in the world, New York!!

Manhattan Cruise Terminal is located about five blocks east of Times Square.  Drop your bags off early, then go enjoy some of the Square’s attractions.  Lots of shopping and sights to see.  Make the most of your cruise out of Manhattan, go to NY a day early, walk around Central Park, go see a broadway show!  You will have memories to last a lifetime.

On Broadway

When you sail out of New York, you are going to have many itinerary options.  The sail away from New York provides spectacular views as you leave this majestic city.  The Norwegian Breakaway, Norwegian’s newest and some would say finest ship, will sail to Bermuda or to the Bahamas in 2013.  Bermuda is an absolute amazing experience.  Pink sand beaches, historical landmarks and a wonderful climate.  Comfortable for any fair weather fan.  The Bahamas is an excellent idea for a family cruise out of NY.  Enjoy the ship, and fun in the sun.  Other itineraries include; Canada, Caribbean and even one night dinner cruises.

As you sail away.

As you sail away.

You really can’t argue with a cruise out of New York.  No matter the time of year, you will enjoy the sights, the culture and especially the cruise.  Norwegian is number one out of New York city, there is no doubt about it.  Plan the vacation of a lifetime, book a cruise and enjoy a few days in the city that has been famous for movies, culture, museums, history and art.

The Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge