Destination: Venice, Italy

Venice is one of the most famous places in the world for art, culture, history and tourism.  Averaging over 50,000 visitors each day, taking a cruise that includes Venice is a must for anyone.  In Venice, you will find historical churches, man made canals perfect for a gondola ride, great food, wine and stunning scenery.

Man Made Venice Canal

Man Made Venice Canal

The Grand Canal is perfect for touring the city.  The ‘S’ shape canal cuts directly through the city.  Start at St. Mark Basin and make your way to the Santa Lucia rail station.  A perfect way to spend a relaxing afternoon of sightseeing.  You will see architecture from the Byzantine (Late Roman) Empire, the Renaissance and Gothic Venetian.  When your cruise stops in Venice, do not miss a Gondola ride.  You never know what wonders you will come across.

St. Mark’s-Basilica

St. Mark’s-Basilica

St. Mark’s Basilica is the Cathedral church of the Roman Archdiocese.  It is the most famous church in Venice.  Known also as the Church of Gold, due to it’s architecture and symbol of power and wealth, it is cherished by the people of Italy and a must see for visitors.  As you come face to face with the church, you will see the majestic statue of St. Mark perched on the roof of the Cathedral above a gold winged lion, the mascot of Venice.

Piazza San Marco

Piazza San Marco

Piazza San Marco is the famous public square of Venice.  You will see this area as you make your way to St. Mark’s Cathedral.  You can’t miss the amazing clock tower, constructed in the late 15th century.  This area is famous in movies, however it has many historical and religious connections as well.  Enjoy the sights, architecture and historical artwork. There you will also find a great view of the Great Canal as you walk back from St. Marks.

Sail on the Jade round trip from Venice and purchase the “Best of Venice” shore excursion.  You will have a guided tour of the best of Venice as well as a ride to the airport upon conclusion of your tour.  Cruise like a Norwegian to Venice, you will have memories to last a lifetime.


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