Norwegian Sky 3 day cruise

If you want a weekend getaway and you love to cruise, or if you want to get to know what a cruise is like, this three day escape is your chance.  The Sky is an absolutely beautiful ship.  Norwegian is dominating the competition for this type of cruise.  It is the newest ship with the most staff per guest and the most recently refurbished.  You will find great activities from the White Hot Party to the Art Auction (where you can grab some free bubbly as well).

Your first port stop will be Norwegian’s private Island, Great Stirrup Cay.  Norwegian has done a great job turning this small island into an excellent beach day.  You will find private cabanas, volleyball tournaments, jet ski excursions, a straw market and of course an excellent buffet.  Don’t forget your sunscreen, you will spend a lot of time in the sun.

Great Stirrup Cay

Great Stirrup Cay

After you are done checking out the private island, you can escape back to the ship for some spa specials or an empty pool deck.  It is a great chance to explore and enjoy the ship.  The tenders (transport from island to the ship) run about every 20-30 minutes, so, you won’t have to wait long to get back aboard.

Your second stop will be at beautiful Nassau Bahamas.  Here, I recommend either being the first person off the ship or one of the last.  Why wait in line on your vacation?  Once on this island, you will find people offering taxi’s, jewelry and other, darker, items.  Just a word of warning, if you engage the street vendors, it will be tough to shrug them off.  Why not try one of Norwegian’s shore excursions?  A parasailing adventure or  a quick ferry over to Blue Lagoon for some snorkeling or swimming with the Dolphins? Of course, the choice is yours, it’s your vacation!

Near Cable Beach

Near Cable Beach

The Sky is a great ship for all ages.  The staff puts on excellent shows and activities, the casino for adults, the White Hot Party (Norwegian’s Signature late night party), where I saw a 12 year old kid leading the dancing on stage!  No fear for that kid.  Latin beats in the Outrigger Lounge (Deck 11 Forward) and many other excellent locations for viewing the sea and finding a sense of adventure!  Book your Sky cruise ASAP!

The Sky

The Sky

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One thought on “Norwegian Sky 3 day cruise

  1. Great blog, Tom!!! Your writing is very descriptive and makes me daydream about going on a cruise!! I plan to look into a Norwegian Bahamas cruise ASAP!!

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