Bermuda – One of a kind.

Amazing Scenery

Amazing Scenery

The first time I went to Bermuda, the weather was overcast, humid and somewhat dreary. At first, the atmosphere did not impress me.  However, after about an hour walking around the Royal Naval Dockyard, the sun started to come out and I began to realize how amazing and unique Bermuda is.  Never too hot, rarely too cold, the climate is ideal for any outdoor activity you can imagine.  Snorkeling, swimming, wind surfing, kite surfing to golf, hiking and sightseeing, you will be very comfortable.

Royal Naval Dockyard

Royal Naval Dockyard

Your ship will dock at the west end of the Island in Somerset Village or more famously, Royal Naval Dockyard.  Here you will find a very accessible ferry terminal, fortresses and historical buildings.  Some building have been converted into museums and shops for an interesting shopping experience.  Looking for a bit more adventure?  Purchase a shore excursion from Norwegian and go on a catamaran sail and snorkel.  The calm blue waters are perfect for viewing sea life and maybe even a shipwreck!  How’s that for a vacation?

Bermuda is a combination of beauty and adventure.  So many amazing activities, sights, cultural events and history, you will not have any problem finding something to do, or choose to do nothing at all.  The pink sand beaches are wonderful for relaxing and taking in the amazing scenery.  Try Horseshoe bay, rated top ten beaches around the world by TripAdvisor, you will find yourself on a beach of dreams come true.  As you depart Bermuda, you will find yourself pining for extra time to shop, another round of golf, another hour of scuba, or another glimpse at a classical lighthouse.  Cruise like a Norwegian to Bermuda on the newest ship in the fleet, the Breakaway, this summer from New York. Amazing combination.

Pink Sand of Bermuda

Pink Sand of Bermuda


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