The Norwegian Sun pt. 2

Enjoy a cigar

Enjoy a cigar

The Norwegian Sun has amazing decor, excellent public areas and vibrant entertainment.  The windjammer, pictured above is located on deck 6, in a secluded area.  You will have easy access to the rest of the ship, as well as a central location that is easy to find, should you use this as a meeting place.  The windjammer is a microcosm of how this ship is designed, comfortable, relaxing and convenient.

The staterooms of the Sun are like any other rooms on cruise ships from interior to Balcony.  You will have to make the most of your space, but you will have a nice tv, a comfortable bed and a spacious bathroom.  Enjoy a nice view from your large port hole window, or take a seat on the balcony.  The two unique Owners suites are at the forward of the ship and are absolutely beautiful.  Enjoy a huge balcony complete with hot tub and a view as good as the captain.

The Owners Balcony

The Owners Balcony

All in all, the Sun is a beautiful ship.  A taste of the old style of cruising, sans all the bells and whistles of the mega-ships of today, it gives you a great vacation cruise ship styled for couples and older cruisers.  Kids can have fun on this cruise, there is a great sports court, kids pool and video game center, however, with the Sun doing longer Caribbean itineraries and one way Alaska cruises, kids and teens on this ship will be few and far between.  If you schedule a cruise on the Sun, have the piece of mind that you have booked a great ship and an excellent cruise.


2 thoughts on “The Norwegian Sun pt. 2

  1. I was unsure about cruising on an older ship and could not afford the cost of cruising on the Epic. After reading this blog I am amazed how wonderful this ship is! I will be calling you this week to book a cruise! Can’t wait to read your next blog!

  2. What a great blog! I am glad I stumbled upon your blog page. I really like the sound of this ship, and am getting ready to book my first cruise. I am definitely going to book with Norwegian, and probably will go with this ship! Thanks for providing everyone with such great, informative, information!

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